Here’s my mission :

“Celebrate the idea of good life through memorable visuals with successful people, artists, and innovators”


The Full Story

In search of meaning:

Finding my calling, or what I was meant to do, was one of the hardest tasks I encountered.

All my life until some time ago, I wasn’t sure where to put my energy or what my mission was, so I tried many different things.

One day in 2008 (while attending a course about JavaScript), I was reminded of the joy I had taking pictures when I was a child.

It was then that I decided to learn as much as I could about this domain in order to make it my profession.


I worked through some struggling years as a fashion and portrait photographer, which lead to good experiences. The problem was, I didn’t like doing the work in a given aesthetic for other people (magazines) and there were many barriers to accessing the work I wanted to do.

Therefore, I found myself dissatisfied and my pockets were far from deep.

However, I knew I wanted to stay in the creative world. Loving the work of Helmut Newton, David Lachapelle, and Warhol, I began looking at the art world.

There, I found art/fine art and Ideas that I really liked, but to invest myself in this world and be categorized as an artist was not something I wanted either (but I didn’t really want to be called a photographer either).


My first eureka moment:

It hit me… I’m a rebel (ask my parents, they'll tell you!).

Therefore I need to create a movement and grow something bigger than myself.

I just needed to find what it was, but I knew it needed to be outside of any preconceived ideas.

A week after a challenging collaboration with a stubborn designer, I had my second eureka moment.


My second eureka moment:

Let me explain how this came about.

I had some pictures of me and my grandparents in my bag. My grandma’s name is “Juliette” my grandpa’s name is “Romeo”, true story!


They survived the war and, after the war, they went to Switzerland, where they worked hard to open their butcher’s shop.

As a child, I stayed with my grandparents a lot, because they knew how to have fun (they did not work anymore).

When I was at their place, we used to play a lot of tennis, traveled together, laughed a lot, and ate good food in good company.

They always had friends at home, always something going on with other people, always sharing the good moments and being present in the hard ones.

When I think about those times, it feels like a good movie that I wish to share with others.

The movie is about The Good Life!


I believe there is a lack of fun and real human connection today—not everywhere, but in most places.

Most of us are lucky enough to have free choices, but we don’t choose to add more spice to life.

A good life for me may not be the same for you of course, but let me help you look under the surface.


What will you choose to change NOW in YOUR LIFE, if you knew your expiration date ?

… Chances are, you’d make some changes. Chances are you’d play it less safe and be more vulnerable.


That’s how my mission statement came about:

“Celebrate the idea of good life, through memorable visuals with successful people, artists, and innovators”


My long-term vision:

Celebrating people who try and change things for the better, inspire to live a worthy life, support people who innovate, and plan events where people can have fun and create connections.